Ineffective team work between the crew members on the bridge and the pilot were identified as the immediate cause of an allision between the bulk carrier Capri and the tanker Brightoil Legend, which occurred in the port of Singapore in July 2015, according to a report from Transport Malta.

At the time of the incident, Brightoil Legend was anchored, while Capri was under pilotage and underway.

The allision occurred shortly after Capri had dropped her anchor and the vessel took an uncontrollable starboard sheer towards Brightoil Legend. Immediate action to hold the vessel by running engines astern only worsened the starboard swing, Transport Malta said. A second anchor was dropped before Capri struck Brightoil Legend.

Both vessels suffered structural damage but there were no injuries and no pollution.

As a result of the allision, Brightoil Legend sustained damages above the waterline, a hole in its side shell plating between frame 56 and 57 and shell longitudinal 40 to 42. The internal members were also found to be buckled.

Damages were visible on the port side railing, fish plate, accommodation ladder and its control station/panel.

Capri had a fracture on its side shell plating at the bow, and adjacent stiffeners sustained structural damages, whilst the port and starboard anchors were fouled.

The Marine Safety Investigation Unit (MSIU) determined that there was ineffective team work between the crew members on the bridge and the pilot and two recommendations have been made to the managing company aimed at improving bridge-pilot interaction and exchange of information.