Al Zubara damage

The containership Al Zubara lost at least three containers, with an unknown number of others having shifted and been damaged, in the Mediterranean Sea during a storm in the night on Jan 16/17, while sailing on her maiden voyage.

The new vessel of Kuwait’s state-company UASC was en route from Port Klang to Felixstowe when was caught in bad weather and hit by one or several big waves.

The ship had to call in Malaga as emergency port in order to assess the damaged containers and goods, and fix the shifted containers.

In the morning of Jan 18 the tugs Vehintiocho and Vehintinueve towed the ship to the container dock no. 9 of the Noatum Terminal at 11.15 a.m. LT.

A special crane was contracted to handle the ship, which was carrying a cargo of 12.600 TEU on board. There were several shifted boxes fore and aft, the greatest damage occurred in the front of the ship where a series of refrigerated containers were found empty.

Work to remove the broken containers started in the afternoon, others were secured safely.

The railings and secure lines were repaired, the vessel was inspected and resumed the maiden voyage with a slight delay, which will be compensated during the longer passages.

The ship resumed its voyage on Jan 19 to Rotterdam where is expected to arrive on Jan 22.

Source:                   photo: Juan Carlos Cilveti

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