South Korean shipbuilding major Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has teamed up with a Denmark-based startup focused on nuclear reactor technology Seaborg Technologies and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), an owner and operator of nuclear power plants, in a consortium that aims to develop floating nuclear power plants.

The plants would be based on Seaborg’s innovative compact molten salt reactor technology (CMSR). They will be installed on barges with a modular design able to deliver from 200MWe to 800MWe, with the consortium’s first project expected to be a 200MWe power barge.

The consortium aims to enable timely commercialization and a scalable export of factory-produced CMSR-based floating nuclear power plants worldwide.
SHI and Seaborg have already launched cooperation in the field. Namely, last year the duo entered into a partnership to develop floating nuclear power plants using CMSR tech.

The companies are also targeting hydrogen production plants and ammonia plants, as the CMSR is said to be an ideal power source for the supply of stable, clean, and safe electricity