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BI, introduced a thirteen ship C class beginning c1942 and completed in 1952.

The first two, commencing with Canara, were twin screw, 4 cylinder Doxfords; the others, single screw six cylinder. The war builds differed in having reinforced bridgefronts and no topmasts and a more basic bridge technology: the remainder having topmasts and a more open bridge style.

Eight Cs were allocated to the Eastern services; Australia/ Bay of Bengal and Australia/WC India/PG, with the four war builds allocated the PG/WC service. The remaining five operated in Home Line services.

BI operated two cadet ships, the post war Cs, Chantala and Chindwara, which, until the progressive introduction of larger and faster ships, mid to late 50s, operated in a P&O, UK/Cont/Australia service: thence their eventual involvement in the company's Home Line services to India and East Africa.