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Built as EURIMBLA Launch Date: 20.4.21 Date of completion: 3.12.21

Owner: Commonwealth Govt Line of Steamers, AUS Sydney. Builder: Poole & Steel, Port Adelaide SA

GRT: 3,351. LPP: 100.9. Beam: 14.6

Triple-expansion three-cylinder engine 516 nominal horsepower.

Speed 10 knots. Crew 46. Was fitted with limited refrigeration.

1923 sold to Broken Hill Pty Co Ltd., AUS Newcastle, r/n IRON MASTER

Serviced BHP’s terminal ports in the products cargo service with more than her fair share of incidents. Had struck Corsair rock early in her career, damaged a propellor after striking a submerged submarine in Williamstown dock Melbourne, and grounded herself off Bulli Head New South Wales 1942 in fog with subsequent damage requiring 72 new plates.

A normal situation there would have her written off, but as there was a war going on repairs were deemed essential. Was converted to oil-firing in 1927 but this was disengaged at a later date owing to the instability it caused to the delicate balance of the ship with her payload of iron and coal. May 1946 and October 1955 alterations were made to accommodation and (1955) additional structure was added to the poop deck. Made a total of 384 voyages in 34 years with this Company.

July 1957 sold to Cambray Prince Steamship Co Ltd, Hong Kong (J Manners & Co as managers) and handed over on 1st March 1958. April 1958 registered at Hong Kong with the name of Tasman Breeze tentatively approved. Laid up until March 1959 when delivered to Shun Fung Ironworks Ltd., Hong Kong (a J Manners subsidiary) for scrapping purposes

Information supplied by John E. Hoskin Photo Credits: The Late Don Ross Collection.