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Jan De Nul Has agreed to work together with Fortescue, a world-leading green technology, energy and metals company to connect continents of high energy production to continents of high energy consumption for the delivery of green electrons.

An agreement which establishes the collaboration between Fortescue and Jan De Nul to provide the shipping and sub-sea cable laying capability of green electrons was signed in Rabat, Morocco by Fortescue Chairman, Dr Andrew Forrest, and Jan De Nul Executive Chairman, ir. Jan Pieter De Nul. The agreement builds on the landmark Joint Venture signed between Fortescue and OCP to supply green hydrogen, ammonia, and fertilizers to Morocco, Europe, and international markets. The Joint Venture includes exploring the potential development of manufacturing facilities and an R&D hub to advance the rapidly growing renewable energy industry in Morocco.

Fortescue founder and Executive Chairman, Dr Andrew Forrest AO, said: “There is a massive opportunity to send renewable electrons from Morocco and North Africa to Europe to industries and consumers who deserve a better choice than the only one they currently have available – carbon emitting, global warming causing fossil fuels. Europe, under EU rules, will impose carbon taxes globally through its Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism on industries that fail to convert energy supplies to renewable energy. “Fortescue believes a lack of cable laying capability is creating a bottleneck in connecting Morocco to Europe, making this pursuit with Jan De Nul one the most outstanding opportunities we have across the world. It will bring substantial benefits to both North Africa and Europe in terms of employment, economic growth and providing citizens with a choice to use fuels made using green energy.”


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