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For travel between the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, residents are largely depending on four ferries. Prolonged failure of these high-speed catamarans is therefore a doomsday scenario and so timely maintenance is crucial. Delay is therefore not an option when the countryโ€™s existing dry dock is temporarily out of service.

With the deployment of our semi-submersible heavy transport vessel WHITE MARLIN, Boskalis was able to remedy the starting headache on the island. By submerging the vessel, Boskalis allowed three of the four ferries โ€“ APT James, Buccoo Reef and T&T Spirit โ€“ to be loaded onto the deck of the WHITE MARLIN in succession, after which the vessel de-ballasted so that the necessary maintenance on the ferries could be carried out on a dry deck.

This is not the first time Boskalis has one of its semi-submersible heavy transport vessel for this purpose. Most people probably still remember the moment when our BOKA VANGUARD served as a floating dry dock in the Bahamas for the 67,000-ton cruise ship Carnival Vista. You can read more about that unique project in the Boskalis online magazine:

Boskalis is happy to have been able to help their client and the residents of Trinidad & Tobago and wish the ferries many safe trips between the islands.

Source: Boskalis

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