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A re-filling operation for one of three operational Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU) in Germany now took place at Wilhelmshaven.

The LNG Carrier MARAN GAS OLYMPIAS (95,194 dwt) arrived there with a full cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and was positioned this week with four tugs alongside the LNG Carrier HÖEGH ESPERANZA (92 217 dwt).

The HÖEGH ESPERANZA is permanently positioned off Wilhelmshaven. She is in operation there as a FSRU.

The tugs involved in the berthing process were FAIRPLAY-30, FAIRPLAY-81, VB MAGNUM and VB METEOR. In addition, FAIRPLAY-34 was in standby as a safety vessel during the whole operation until the departure of the tanker to guarantee a safe procedure.

The MARAN GAS OLYMPIAS flies the Greek flag with homeport Piraeus. Her cargo was loaded at the LNG terminal in Cameron, Louisiana, USA, between June 29 and July 2 before she started the transatlantic crossing fully laden bound for Wilhelmshaven. She arrived there at about noon on Tuesday, July 18. The Cameron LNG Terminal on the US Gulf became fully operational only in August 2022.

The transfer of the cargo in Wilhelmshaven took 30 hours and in the evening on Wednesday, July 19, the LNG carrier left Wilhelmshaven again "for orders". This is the second delivery of LNG with the MARAN GAS OLYMPIAS to the German FSRU in Wilhelmshaven since February 2023.

The HÖEGH ESPERANZA with a tank capacity of 170 000 m³ is one of two chartered-in LNG Carriers from Höegh LNG A/S, Oslo, Norway, by the Government of Germany to replace the during the war against the Ukraine ceased supply chain of Russian gas to Germany. The second one is the HÖEGH GANNET which is on permanent station as a FSRU at the Elbehafen port in Brunsbüttel.

The HÖEGH ESPERANZA was moored in December 2022 to a quickly installed LNG facility at the Uniper terminal outside the coastline of Wilhelmshaven. Both tankers, the HÖEGH ESPERANZA and the HÖEGH GANNET are chartered by the Federal Republic of Germany for a period of ten years.

A third LNG terminal currently is under construction in Stade-Bützfleth in Lower Saxony on the river Elbe and another one is operational in the Baltic Sea with a FSRU off the island of Rügen. The gas is transferred fromthere with smaller shuttle tankers to an onshore plant in the port of Lubmin.

Text and photos: Jan Mordhorst(c)