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A solemn ceremony of hoisting the Russian Federation’s naval flag on a large diesel-electric submarine “UFA” of Project 636.3 took place November 16, 2022 at JSC “Admiralty Shipyards.”

The event was attended by the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Nikolay Evmenov. He called today’s event a real vacation for the Russian Navy. “We are taking over another combat unit from this series that will go to the Pacific Fleet. The submarines of this project have proved their reliability and high combat stability. We signed the acceptance certificate and raised the flag on the UFA” submarine, which means that all tests were passed at least with the grade “good” and “excellent”. Many thanks to the shipbuilders, the delivery team – they were ready for action at any time of the day or night.

The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation also noted that Admiralty Shipyards is almost the only company that delivers us submarines within the contractual deadline.” The General Director of JSC “Admiralty Shipyards” called the flag raising on the submarine “Ufa” a significant event not only for the company’s employees, but also for the country’s navy. “Admiralty shipyards continue construction of a series of six submarines for the Pacific Fleet. The next two submarines, “MOZHAISK” and “YAKUTSK,” will also be commissioned under the contract. The shipyards traditionally build ships of high quality, which has been confirmed more than once, even in combat conditions. We continue the work of our predecessors and assure that we will not let our customers down in the future.”

Vladimir Korolev, Deputy Director General for Military Shipbuilding and Special Programs of USC JSC, called the selfless work of the Admiralty team a true example for all shipbuilders

Ufa is the fourth submarine of the series for the Pacific Fleet, launched in November 2019 with the participation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Nikolai Evmenov, in March this year.Today, the company continues construction of the fifth and sixth submarines in the series, MOZHAISK and YAKUTSK, respectively. The submarines were laid down in pairs in August 2021 with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Currently, shipyard workers are carrying out outfitting works on the MOZHAISK submarine. The launch of the vessel is scheduled for spring 2023.

On the submarine YAKUTSK, hydraulic tests of all ship block modules have been completed, specialists are carrying out electrical installation works and hull insulation.The submarines of the modified Project 636.3 have higher combat power (compared to previous projects). The optimal combination of acoustic stealth and target acquisition range, the latest inertial navigation system, an advanced automatic information and control system, a powerful high-speed torpedo missile armament ensure that ships of this class are a global priority in the field of non-nuclear submarine construction.

Admiralty shipyards are undisputed leaders in the construction of submarines of this class, as well as in warranty and after-sales service.

Source : Naval News