On July 20, 2022, the commencement ceremony of Van Oord JUV BOREAS, a wind turbine installation vessel commissioned by Van Oord to be built by CIMC Raffles, was held in its Yantai construction base, participated by representatives from Van Oord, DNV and CIMC Raffles.

The DNV classed vessel is designed by Danish Naval Architect Knud E. Hansen with the length of 176 meters, the width of 63 meters, the moulded depth of 13.2 meters, the maximum operational water depth of 80 meters. It can accommodate 135 persons on board with the maximum net lifting capacity of 20,000 tons and the deck area of over 7,000 square meters. The lifting capacity of the main crane is more than 3,000 tons and each height of the four triangular truss legs is 127.4 meters. In order to meet the clean and environmental discharge requirements, it is equipped with about 3000 cubic meters of methanol storage tank and 5 methanol dual fuel engines.

Royal Van Oord, with its headquarter in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a family-owned mainstream offshore engineering service company with a history of 150 years, engaging in the sectors of marine engineering, offshore engineering, offshore protection, infrastructure engineering and offshore wind power engineering turnkey services.

CIMC Raffles is a leading domestic offshore engineering equipment provider engaging in offshore wind power industry for years. With the leading advantages in offshore wind power equipment manufacturing,the development of wind farm resources, transportation, installation, operation and maintenance services,etc., it has rich experience in the construction of high-end offshore wind power equipment and units.

This ceremony marks the official commencement of the project. Both parties will make full use of their respective advantages in the fields of engineering, construction, operation and maintenance to promote the sustainable development of offshore wind power industry, expedite the application of the clean energy and contribute to the “Green Industry Partners (GIP)” action and “Carbon Naturality” target.

Source: vesselfinder.com