On March 2, loaded with 905 TEUs, the vessel “Gold Star BRIGHT” departed from COSCO SHIPPING Ports' Dalian Container Terminal to Australia, a member country of RCEP, marking the launch of the first container shipping service route by Dalian Container Terminal in 2022,filling the gap of a direct route between Dalian Port and Australia and establishing a convenient maritime logistics channel between RCEP member countries.

The launch of the service has created a direct “marine highway” from Northeast China to Australia, reducing the voyage schedule from 35-45 days to as short as 20 days from Dalian Port to Sydney and providing customers with convenient and fast direct service at lower transshipment costs.

This direct route to Australia is the first one launched by Dalian Port to serve RCEP member countries after the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) has officially entered into force, with export goods such as chemicals, steel, flooring, and grain, as well as import goods including frozen beef and mutton, food, health products and other commodities.

With the help of the route, the export enterprises in the hinterland of China can benefit from the most preferential tariff concessions, and Chinese consumers can buy quality goods made in Australia directly at home.