Interim report on the investigation of the listing, flooding and grounding of car carrier HOEGH OSAKA on Bramble Bank, The Solent, United Kingdom 3 January 2015

The information contained in this interim report is based on investigations to date. Readers are cautioned that there is the possibility new evidence may become available that might alter the circumstances as depicted in this report.

At 2109 on 3 January 2015, the pure car and truck carrier Hoegh Osaka was rounding West Bramble buoy in The Solent when it developed a signi cant starboard list causing some cargo shift and consequent ooding. With the list in excess of 40°, the ship lost steerage and propulsion, and subsequently drifted onto Bramble Bank, grounding at 2115.

Hoegh Osaka had sailed from the port of Southampton, bound for Bremerhaven, at 2006. A pilot was embarked and there were 24 crew on board. Following the accident, all crew were successfully evacuated from the vessel and surrounding waters. There was no pollution. A major salvage operation successfully re oated Hoegh Osaka and it was subsequently taken to a safe berth in Southampton on 22 January.

The subsequent investigation has considered all aspects of the accident, including, inter alia the vessel’s stability, ballast management, and cargo planning and stowage.

The draft of the investigation’s nal report has been sent to stakeholders for a 30
day period of consultation and will be published by March 2016.

Source: MAIB

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