You won’t find another sailing ship in the world like Pommern. She has hardly changed since the day she left the shipyard in Scotland in 1903 and has since been lovingly maintained by generations of sailors, many whom sailed the world’s vast oceans themselves.

Pommern is a unique ship, bearing witness to Åland’s long sailing ship tradition. She is the only four-masted barque in the world in original condition, never having had any large structural changes made.

Pommern was built in 1903 in Scotland and was purchased in 1923 by Åland shipowner, Gustaf Erikson. Prior to this, she was owned by several German companies. Pommern sailed in Gustaf Erikson’s fleet until 1939, mostly sailing to Australia to pick up wheat to be sold in Europe.

In 1953, Gustaf Erikson’s children donated Pommern to the City of Mariehamn where she has been a museum ship since that time. Today, the ship is still owned by the City of Mariehamn, now consigned to Åland’s Maritime Museum Trust who looks after the exhibitions onboard, as well as maintenance and restoration.