It was the British who suffered the most carnage at Jutland. Of their battleships, HMS Malaya suffered the most, with 63 men killed and 68 wounded; this was the most casualties of any battleship that survived the fight.

Malaya, seen here in 1915, was the last ship in line during the Run to the North, and therefore the target of at least 4 German dreadnoughts. Her casualties were caused by seven 30.5cm (12") shells, of which 2 burned out the 6" battery and claimed the majority.

The experience Surgeon Lieutenant Duncan Lorimer emphasizes the severity:

"He [another surgeon] and I were at it from the time we began, all that day, the following night, the following day, till the next night about 2am when I fell down. I had been feeling great pain in my legs, through standing in one place so long. Our helpers worked in watches of four hours. I discovered that my legs and ankles were swollen like a case of severe dropsy. Fortunately it was at my last case that I collapsed, so we were able to get a rest. I had asked the wine caterer, who was one of our best helpers, to leave a double whisky behind the flowerpot in the wardroom. I could not walk and had to go the length of the ship on my hands and knees - and a jolly difficult thing it is to climb up and down ladders on your hands and knees! I got to the wardroom, collected the whisky, sank into a chair and lighted a cigarette. The next thing I remember was getting shaken up by some attendant to go to some case. The whisky was un-drunk, the cigarette had burnt to my fingers. I had gone dead asleep."

Another sub-lieutenant, Clifford Caslon, wrote: "Our three doctors were wonderful. The terrible state of the wounded men made their task a very heavy one, and they were kept operating and bandaging for over 24 hours without ceasing. At the end of this time they were so overcome with sheer fatigue, that the last cases were bandaged with the doctors lying down beside the patient, for they could stand no longer."⠀

The British lost 6,094 men at Jutland, with another 674 wounded and 177 captured. The Germans suffered 507 wounded, and lost 2,551

Source: haze grey history