Brooklyn-based technology startup Amogy Inc. is retrofitting a tugboat to run on its ammonia-to-power system and is planning to present the vessel in late 2023.

Namely, Amogy intends to sail the tugboat later in 2023 in upstate New York, pending further safety testing and regulatory discussions. The company revealed the plans today at CERAWeek® 2023.

“Getting the first ammonia-powered vessel on the water signals a huge milestone in the journey to zero-emissions shipping, as ammonia is predicted to become the leading fuel source for the world’s giant cargo ships by 2050,” the company said.

Amogy is using a tugboat that was originally built in 1957 for the project. The tugboat is powered by diesel generators and electric motors, and it will be outfitted with a 1-megawatt version of the company’s ammonia-to-power system. It will be three times larger than what has been field-tested on Amogy’s ammonia-fueled semi-truck earlier this year.

The ammonia-to-power technology feeds liquid ammonia through its cracking modules integrated into a hybrid fuel cell system, which powers the electric motors for zero-carbon shipping. 

“We’re incredibly proud of unveiling the first ammonia-powered vessel later this year — especially because of the hope, promise and anticipation that ammonia has built as a zero-emission fuel in the heavy transportation industry — specifically in regards to maritime shipping,” said Seonghoon Woo, CEO of Amogy.