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The following was received from the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland. You can find information on RGSQ here:
" I would like to bring your attention to an up-coming event."
A webinar on ZOOM only
Title: Girt by Sea - North Qld Bulk Ports
Date: 11 June 2024 
Time: 7:30m - 8:30 AEST
Place: ZOOM
Details of the event : 
Most major cities around the world have developed alongside a commercial port. By their very nature ports operate in the complex interface between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and although ports have been around for generations, there is increasing expectation that they demonstrate that they can be around for generations to come. This presentation will briefly touch on both the challenges and opportunities for a modern Port Authority by examining the environmental and sustainability program of North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation, who operate three priority ports in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.


The presenter, Kevin Kane is a respected leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship, with extensive experience driving innovative solutions and fostering sustainable practices. As the Senior Manager of Sustainability and Environment at North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP), Kevin has led programs that integrate environmental sustainability with industry operations, setting new standards for corporate responsibility.

Kevin’s global influence is highlighted by his co-chairing of an international working group that developed a best practice guideline on environmental risk management. Beyond NQBP, Kevin is a Non-Executive Director of several natural resource management organisations and serves as an adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University, bridging research with practical applications. Known for his ability to engage diverse stakeholders, Kevin ensures environmental considerations are prioritised in decision-making processes. His commitment to sustainability is evident in both his professional achievements and personal passion for environmental protection and stewardship.

Kevin will be in conversation with Christopher Zinn, who has used a geographical perspective throughout his journalistic career in print, radio and television. He graduated with a Geography MA from Oxford and, after training in newspapers, left the UK to report from Asia and the Pacific. For the ABC, he covered the Royal Geographical Society's expedition for the Kimberley Research Project in WA in 1988. He has reported for Channel Nine, ABC Radio and TV as well as various newspapers in Australia and overseas. He recently moved to Brisbane and is intent on exploring Queensland and its people with a geographer's eye.

I hope that this webinar will be of interest to members of the Company of Master Mariners of Australia.

Pamela Tonkin

Co convenor Geography Matters

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