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Classification society Bureau Veritas (BV) and Australian provider of maritime robotics Greenroom Robotics have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote maritime robotics and autonomous shipping.

Under the MoU, the partners want to advance the understanding of maritime robotics, autonomous navigation, situational awareness, and operations management.

Maritime robotics and autonomy are rapidly evolving across various industries. BV and Greenroom Robotics want to share their knowledge and set the stage for pioneering advancements in the sector.

The maritime industry stands on the cusp of a technological revolution, with autonomous systems expected to redefine safety, efficiency, and sustainability in maritime operations.

“Recognizing this potential, Bureau Veritas and Greenroom Robotics are committed to harnessing their respective strengths to foster innovation and establish new benchmarks in maritime autonomy, leading and supporting the industry during this transformative journey,” the partners noted.

As part of its innovation drive, BV recently signed a strategic collaboration with New York-based maritime software company OrbitMI.  

Aimed at accelerating the development of both existing and new data-driven solutions, the collaboration will leverage combined strengths to address the dual opportunities of the digital transformation and the decarbonization of shipping.   


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