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The manufacturer says "shaft couplings need to be replaced" on the ship, which entered service in 2021.(ABC News: Henry Belot) Australia's Antarctic icebreaker ship, which has barely been in active service since being delivered in late 2021, will be out of action for this season due to delays in repairs.

* Despite only arriving in 2021, the $528 million ship is unavailable for this year's expedition season due to delays in "scheduled maintenance and repairs"

* It is expected the ship will return to Tasmania in April, the AAD says

* The ship has been out of action several times due to faults

Built in Romania by Dutch shipbuilding company Damen, NUYINA replaced its predecessor AURORA AUSTRALIS after that ship was decommissioned after 30 years. Heralded as a "Disneyland for scientists", the $528 million NUYINA is touted as being equipped with state-of-the-art technology and can support voyages of up to 90 days at a time

 The NUYINA experienced motor trouble prior to first arriving in Hobart in October 2021. Its maiden voyage to Antarctica was later delayed due to an issue with the alarm and monitoring system.In a statement, an Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) spokesperson said the delays to the ship returning to Tasmania had been foreshadowed last year. "

In July, the AAD announced unexpected issues with Nuyina's propulsion system clutches and a resulting delay for spare parts would see the vessel unlikely to be used for the upcoming season. "The AAD chartered AIVIQ and cargo vessel, HAPPY DIAMOND for the 2022-2023 Antarctic season while RSV NUYINA undergoes scheduled maintenance and repairs in Singapore

Source: James Dunlevie