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Conversion of HIDDEN GEM to the world’s first polymetallic nodule vessel nears completion in Rotterdam harbour.

There is a real buzz on board as final deliveries of custom-engineered equipment arrive. The project team and crew are busy integrating and tweaking systems for extensive offshore trials. Integral to our seabed-to-surface solution is the nodule collector vehicle, optimised to excel under extreme water pressures in one of the world’s remotest places.

The collector arrived as engineers wrestled with the final metres of our very own anaconda – the 5200-metre umbilical that will provide power and control during seafloor operations.

The collector and umbilical are now connected and fully integrated with the aft-mounted launch and recovery system. We are looking forward to putting these key components through the paces during deployment and operational tests. Polymetallic nodule collection represents a new frontier and a new exciting chapter in Allseas’ history. With our history of industry firsts and vision, we develop creative technical solutions to supply the metals needed for clean energy technologies in support of the global economy of the future.