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It’s undoubtedly a masterpiece. Released in 2013, the yacht costs around $605 million. With its release, it dethroned Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse superyacht from being the largest yacht in the world. Eclipse is 533 feet long, whereas the superyacht Azzam boasts 590 feet. It’s 57 feet longer than Abramovich’s yacht.

What’s interesting about Azzam is that engineers took four years to assemble it. The CEO of the German shipbuilding company, Lurssen mentioned that the construction of the yacht employed over 4,000 people. This is a fantastic contribution to a man’s financial stability.

The Azzam is a deluxe yacht which flaunts incredible complexity in its detail and design.
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The superyacht can accommodate up 36 guests, advancing the Azzam as the largest superyacht in terms of guest capacity. A crew of 60 people is required onboard to maintain the yacht, alone.

This yacht is one of the most expensive masterpieces, and will for yearly maintenance cost around 10 per cent its full price. This means the owner must spend over $60 million every year to keep Azzam in prime condition before cruising off to a foreign destination.

The Azzam can reach speeds of up to 31.5 knots and is considered one of the fasted superyachts. This is quite a rare speed limit for such an immense superyacht.

Lurssen did the technical engineering of the superyacht. The exterior design was crafted by Nauta Yachts, whereas Christophe Leone assembled the interior. It’s merely spectacular in terms of luxury and amenities. The construction is designed with high-quality and rigid materials to ensure maximum safety as well as comfort.

Many consider Azzam to surpass Abramovich’s yacht in terms of amenities easily. Keep in mind that Eclipse comes with two helipads, pools, cinema, gym, and more amazing features.

Once you are on board, you’ll be completely blown away by its uniqueness in terms of luxury. Each cabin is plushly designed to make you feel unique, as well as comfortable.

The yacht currently belongs to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates.

On the whole, Azzam is merely unmatched. It will definitely leave you with a jaw-dropping experience.