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Established in 2011, Smartship Australia (Smartship) is a purpose built, modern maritime simulation facility of five marine simulators providing for advanced training, risk reduction and opportunities assessment. The facility is owned and operated by the Queensland Government (Department of Transport and Main Roads).

The five simulators comprise:
• Primary full-mission bridge (FMB) simulator – 16 metre diameter with 360° field of view including connected bridge wings;
• Secondary FMB simulator – 12 metre diameter with 240° field of view and rear monitors for astern view;
• Tug simulator with 360° field of view and ability to simulate all tug propulsion systems including rotor configuration;
• Two part-task simulators for general training – 120° field of view.
The bridges are equipped with the navigation and command system Integrated Navigation System Sam Electronics NACOS (Platinum Series or 5th Generation depending on specific clients’ needs), which has widespread use on vessels including cruise ships, car carriers, offshore supply vessels and tankers. All simulators can be operated independently or integrated in any arrangement depending on training needs.

The simulators utilise specific port and ship models to provide functionality. Smartship now has a significant library of 60 port models and 150 ship models.
Smartship is focussed on pilotage professional development, advanced ship handling and port development segments of the market. It does not participate in the tertiary or sub-tertiary student training services market.

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Future port infrastructure can be modelled to assist decision makers in the evaluation and validation of solutions aimed to optimise port operations and mitigate navigational risks. The modelling includes:
Approach and turning basins;
Jetty layout;
Tug requirements; and
Estimation of weather and current windows.

Smartship offers simulator scenarios to define and test operational limits for manoeuvring large ships in port waters and approach channels under extreme environmental conditions.

Smartship uses simulation scenarios to develop standard, abnormal and emergency pilotage procedures. Smartship instructors can further assist in this process.

Smartship uses simulation scenarios to customise Bridge Resources Management (BRM) and also provides pilot assessment for recruiting, licensing and proficiency checks.

Smartship provides a range of training courses for certification compliance and continuous professional development purposes, including:
• ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) generic and type specific;
• Ship Handling and Bridge Teamwork;
• 2nd Generation Bridge Resource Management (BRM);
• Advanced Marine Pilotage Training (AMPT); and
• Tug Handling.

Details of all courses are provided on our website

Smartship has attained Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status for prescribed courses (for example ECDIS) thus providing assurance that its training is delivered to the high standards expected by the Australian maritime industry.

List of clients

• Adani

• AELNG Gladstone

• Albany Port Authority

• APLNG Gladstone
• Arup Pty Ltd

• Australasian Marine Pilot Institute

• Australian Reef Pilots
• Brisbane Marine Pilots Pty Ltd

• Caltex Refineries (NSW) Pty Ltd

• Carnival Cruises, Australia

• Centreport Limited New Zealand

• Far North Queensland Ports Corporation (Ports North)

• Force Technology, Denmark

• Gladstone Ports Corporation

• Gold Coast City Council

• Marine Consultancy Group Pty Ltd

• Meridian Maritime Services

• North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation

• Port of Brisbane Corporation
• Port of Napier Ltd New Zealand

• Port of Townsville Limited

• Ports Corporation of Queensland Ltd

• Programmed Total Marine Services

• PTT LNG Company Ltd
• QCLNG Gladstone

• RCL Cruises Ltd
• Rio Tinto

• SouthPort New Zealand Limited

• Svitzer Australasia Pty Ltd

• Sydney Ports Corporation

• Teekay Shipping (Australia) Pty Ltd

• Toll Shipping, Melbourne

• TT-Line Company Pty Ltd

• Victorian Regional Channels Authority


• Wisby Tankers Sweden

Source: Smartships Australia